Over the Spring Break, I went to Belize with my school for a community service/ ocean conservation trip. We spent 3 days on the mainland visiting St. Matthew's Village, rafting and seeing the Mayan Ruins. We also went to the Belize Zoo at night which was amazing, but I didn't take any pictures. We then hopped over to Caye Caulker, an extremely small and pretty island. I made many friends at the Ocean Academy. We kayaked, snorkeled (at night and in the world's second largest barrier reef!), planted mangroves and lived the island life. I am so excited to share these images I took over the trip!

The guy in red is enjoying his 20th birthday playing football/soccer.

Speaking Spanish "I don't like the camera!"

Casually Hanging.

Caye Caulker sunset on the other side
Great Place for Donuts and Shaved Ice

Most Supermarkets on the Island are owned by Chinese
Spotted on Caye Caulker on a Friday afternoon

Taking a Dip in the Ocean 
Love it!
Caye Caulker Sunset at The Split
Fish on a Chair.
Bob Marley, Bob Marley everywhere.
Graffiti spotted at The Split

His name is "Have a Beer"

Best Basketball Court?
I went here for ice cream every night. Scoop Dis.

Belize was amazing. I love the country, the scenery and the friends that I made. I hope you guys will have the opportunity to visit Belize in your lifetime.

Until next time...

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